Samsung to Produce 300-Layer V-NAND in 2024: Report

Samsung Electronics is poised to employ double-stack architecture for its 9th Generation 3D-NAND memory when it starts its production next year, according to a DigiTimes report that cites Seoul Economic Daily. The sets Samsung apart from SK Hynix, which uses three stacks of NAND to build its 321-layer 3D NAND devices when they enter mass production in the first half of 2025.

Samsung’s 9th Generation V-NAND with over 300-layers is set to hinge on the double-stack technique, which Samsung first embraced in 2020 with its 7th generation 176-layer 3D NAND chips. This method involves production of one 3D NAND stack on a 300 mm wafer and then building another stack on top of the first one. Samsung’s 300-layer 3D NAND will increase storage density produced on one wafer and will enable makers to build lower-cost SSDs or make the best SSDs cheaper.

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