Nvidia Makes 1,000% Profit on H100 GPUs: Report

Nvidia is raking in up to 1,000% in profit for each H100 GPU accelerator it sells, according to estimates made in a recent social media post from Barron’s senior writer Tae Kim. In dollar terms, that means that Nvidia’s street-price of around $25,000 to $30,000 for each of these High Performance Computing (HPC) accelerators (for the least-expensive PCIe version) more than covers the estimated $3,320 cost per chip and peripheral (in-board) components. As surfers will tell you, there’s nothing quite like riding a wave with zero other boards on sight.

Kim cites the $3,320 estimated cost for each H100 chip as coming from financial consulting firm Raymond James. It’s unclear how deep that cost analysis goes, however: if it’s a matter of pure manufacturing cost (averaging the price-per-wafer and other components while taking yields into account), then there’s still a significant expense margin for Nvidia to cover with each of its sales. 

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